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What are Counters in Oracle Service

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Counter is designed to emulate physical and logical meters in software applications. It is used for capturing and tracking meter and usage based measurements in various Oracle Contracts, Install Base, Service, and Maintenance applications.
Using the Counters application you can define counters to track the usage of a customer's product or service and execute business processes that are based on the usage information. Service providers rely on counts that originate from time, distance, or usage to closely track the usage of a product or service and to monitor these status counts to:
         Manage product warranties and external warranties
         Manage service, rental, and leasing contracts
         Know when the time has come to reorder or ship parts
         Determine billing cycles and rate change
         Trigger product preventive maintenance or overhauls
         Calculate product reliability
         Perform life-cycle tracking
Counters provide a mechanism for tracking new product warranties, service contracts, support agreements, and similar business needs.

Counters Tasks

Following is a summary of some of the key tasks that are performed in Counters:

Capture Counter Readings
Counter readings can be entered manually using the Capture Counters window. This window is available from Service Request, Depot Repair Orders, Field Service, Service Contracts, and Contracts Authoring windows.

Capture Miscellaneous Reading Adjustments
Miscellaneous reading adjustments can also be captured for counters. Miscellaneous reading types can be defined using the Misc. Reading Types LOV Lookups window to describe any kind of adjustment.

View the Counter History Log

The Counters application creates a new instance each time a reading event has been performed and saves the results in the counter history log. The log contains a sequential list of before and after counter captures with time and date stamp, and, if selected, the property source reference id. To view the log, launch the Capture window and then click the View History Reading button.

Manage Install Base Life-cycle Tracking
Counters uses Oracle Install Base to manage and track reading history related to an item, service, or contract throughout the active life-cycle. If a transfer of ownership occurs, the reading history appears with the record.

Reset Counters
Certain service providers require that a counter reset is performed to re-establish a new starting point for a product or service. A counter reset can be performed from the Counter Capture window, and each reset event is recorded in the history file.

Modify Counters
Counter groups and counters can be modified after instantiation with a product or service. To modify a counter instance, Navigate to the Counters Setup window from the application Navigator window.

Capturing Counter Readings from Service Requests

Counters can be accessed in Oracle TeleService from the Service Request window as follows:
       Service agents can update counters from the Service Request window within Oracle TeleService by selecting the Tools menu and choosing Counter Capture. This launches the Capture Counter Reading window.
       Service agents can also view counters and update readings within the Oracle Install Base user interface by navigating to the Product Coverage tab within the Service Request window and selecting the Product Configuration button. This launches Oracle Install Base.

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