Sunday, March 17, 2013

Marketing Process Flow

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-     Effective planning is very important for the success of the marketing activities. One has to plan the resources, funds that will be used during the marketing activities.
-     Another important aspect is the Budget. It is very important to have a fixed budget for the marketing activities to control the expenses.
-       In a typical scenario an annual budget is fixed for all the marketing activities in a year. This budget is approved by the top managers based on the hierarchy.
-         Once an annual budget is fixed, various sub budgets can be created to categorize the spend.
-         Whenever an activity has to be conducted, the planning begins a few days earlier.
-       A budget is allocated to the activity which has to be approved by the manager based on the approval hierarchy.
-         During the actual execution of the activity, all the actual costs are recorded in the system.
-         Also all the returns like the leads and orders generated are also recorded in the system.
-       With the help of various pre built charts and graphs one can monitor the progress of the activity at any  given point of time.
-         Also there are various pre built tools which helps to calculate the ROI of any activity.

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