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Overview on Install Base

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What is Install Base..?
  • Life cycle tracking application for an item
  • Capable of tracking serialized and non-serialized item instances including:
    • Tangible items           e.g.. manufactured, purchased, and shipped items
    • Intangible items  e.g.. software, services, licenses, and agreements
    • Tangible assets         e.g..  fixed, movable, and leased assets
  • Fully Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite

Features and Functionality
  • Item instance maintenance
  • Support for Inventory Transactions
  • Centralized repository information
  • Item instance consolidated transactions history
  • Item instance timestamp and version label history
  • History of Oracle E-Business Suite transactions affecting Oracle Install Base
  • Instance relationships with multiple party/accounts
  • Configuration support and instance-to-instance relationships
  • Open Interface and Quick Edit capabilities:
  • Mass load of item instances by an open interface
  • Quick online edit of attributes for a group of item instances
  • System grouping of item instances

When does Install Base instances of IB trackable & shippable items get created ?
  • When an item is received into inventory
  • Through miscellaneous receipts
  • Purchase order receipt, etc

Item Life Cycle Tracking

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