Thursday, April 25, 2013

CRM Foundation

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What is CRM Foundation..?

  • Common functionality across the suite - multi touch points
  • Provides a consistent set of services across applications
  • Channel Independence (web, telephony, email) 
Resource Manager :
- keeps track of resources - employees, third party vendors, partners,  etc.
- Single repository for business resources.

Territory Manager :
- Define & assigns transactions based on multiple criteria.
Notes & Calendar :
- Resource availability calendar. Free Text
- Productivity tool for individuals, groups and the organization as a whole.

Task Manager :
                  - Provides task creation and assignment.
                  - Enables definition of task dependencies.
                  - Supports recurring tasks.

Assignment Manager :
- Multiple assignment options(Can advise or assign automatically).
Interaction History :
- Captures all customer contact information.
- Repository for all interaction records.
Content Manager:
- Store Documents, Categorize & Control Access
1-1 Fulfillment :
- Supports high volume email blasts or fax/print requests.
Escalation Manager :
- Provide proactive escalation solution through Business Rule Monitor.


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