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Oracle Sales Cloud - Sales Territories and Assignment

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In Oracle Sales Cloud, being assigned to the sales team of a lead, an account, or opportunity affects your access to information.
While all salespeople in your organization can view basic account information, including customer names, contacts, and addresses, assignment provides additional access:
  • Leads
    Leads are only visible to the lead owner, the members of the sales team, the person imports leads, and their mangers.
  • Accounts
    Assignees can share all the details they need to collaborate, including customer interactions, to-do lists, and appointments. Assignees participate in social discussions, share collateral, and collaborate on presentations.
  • Opportunities
    You must be assigned to an opportunity (or be in the management chain for someone who is), to view and update opportunities and their revenue lines, and to submit forecasts.
Managers in a salesperson's management hierarchy have automatic visibility to their team's set of accounts, contacts, leads and other information. They don't have to be explicitly assigned to each territory or sales team.
In Oracle Sales Cloud, there are two methods of automatically assigning salespeople:
  • By setting up sales territories
    You can set up the sales territory boundaries based on a wide variety of factors, called dimensions. The most common dimensions include geography, products, customer size, customer type, and industry.

  • By creating assignment rules
    Rules assign the individual salespeople you specify to sales teams if the rule conditions are met. For opportunities, you can create rules to assign additional salespeople based on factors that are not covered by sales territories, such as deal size or product knowledge. This is accomplished by creating rules to supplement territory assignment. 
Salespeople can trigger assignment manually or you can assign leads, accounts, and opportunities automatically by running assignment processes.
Setup Tasks
  1. Configure the application for the types of sales territories you plan to create:
    1. If you are setting up territories based on geography, you must enable the geographical elements you plan to use during territory setup for the countries for which you imported geography reference information. Optionally, you can organize the geography elements into zones.
    2. You must enable the territory dimensions you plan to use in your territories.
  2. You set up the sales territories themselves. This step involves:
    1. Creating a territory proposal.
      A proposal is a sandbox that permits you to update territories without affecting any existing territory setup, so it becomes useful when you want to readjust your territories in the future.
      If you use the simplified UI to change territories, your changes become active immediately.
    2. Create the hierarchy of sales territories in the proposal starting with the top territory and working your way down.
    3. Activate the proposal.
  3. You set assignment options.
    Assignment behavior is controlled by a set of system profile options. By default, the application does the following:
    • Automatically assigns sales territories to accounts whenever an account is created or updated.
    • Assignment of opportunities is manual: salespeople can either trigger the assignment process while editing an individual opportunity or the opportunities are assigned by the Sales Account Assignment Process which you set up to run periodically.
  4. Run the following assignment processes to assign account and opportunities respectively:
    • Request Account Assignments
    • Revenue Territory Territory Based Assignment

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