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Oracle Sales Cloud - Sales Catalog

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About the Sales Catalog

The sales catalog consists of a hierarchy of product groups. You specify the product group at the very top of your sales catalog hierarchy as the root. Each product group can represent a group of products or an individual product. Because the sales catalog is optimized for quick data entry by sales agents in the simplified UI or in mobile applications, the product groups contain only the product group name or product name.
While you can include individual inventory items as products in your catalog, items are not required unless you are integrating with an order management system, such as Oracle Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) Cloud. 
You must create the root product group of the catalog in the UI. For the rest of the hierarchy, you have the option of continuing to use the UI or importing from a file. 
You can use product groups as a dimension in your sales territories and for forecasting product revenue. During forecasting setup, you can specify the number of levels in your sales catalog product group hierarchy you want to forecast.
Implementation Tasks

Create the product group that is the root of your sales catalog.
You can create additional or even all product groups in the UI using this task.

Download the import template from the Product Group Predefined Mapping - Product Group Header and Child Entities mapping. The template contains the attributes you must import to create the rest of the catalog hierarchy.

You must enter the root product group reference number in your import file to link the product groups you are importing to the root. Use the Manage Product Groups task to find the reference number.
When you are done creating your file, save it as a .csv file.

Import your file.

Validate the sales catalog on the Manage Product Groups page.

If you created all of your product groups in the UI and did not import any, then you must manually publish the sales catalog. If you imported, then you can skip this step because the import process automatically publishes for you.

Enable the sales catalog for use in Oracle Sales Cloud by selecting the root node as the Base usage.

Each time you make a new assignment of Base to a root product group, you must run the scheduled process Refresh Denormalized Product Catalog Table for BI.
If you do not run the process, then your product group hierarchy may not appear in the consuming applications.

Enable browsing of the sales catalog while editing opportunities by setting the system profile Browse Sales Catalog in Opportunities Enabled (MOO_ENABLE_BROWSE_CATALOG), to Yes.

Sign in as a sales user and validate that your sales catalog shows up in opportunities.

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